Another Symbian front end utility appears: Instant menu

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Symbian utility specialists Cellphonesoft have come up with another possible touchscreen front-end, this time based around a single touch in the top left corner of your screen, which brings up their new 'Instant Menu', with application shortcuts and some utility functions. Some more details below.

Instant menu screenshot Instant menu screenshot Instant menu screenshot Instant menu screenshot 

Instant Menu is compatible with "all Symbian touch-screen phones (S60/5 and Symbian^3)" and features:

  • Touch Menu, which is always accessible by tapping the top-left corner of the screen
  • The Touch Menu contains a list of favorite applications for convenient launch at any time
  • The contents of the Touch Menu is fully customizable
  • Additional services like closing applications, status report, backlight control, and more
  • Non-intrusive visual reminders for the menu's Touch Area
  • Additional selectable actions for long tap

Here are some relevant links: The Instant Menu user guide, the FAQ and the download page