Nokia C7 now shipping, just 28 days after announcement

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Now that didn’t take as long as the N8! Nokia’s Conversations Blog is reporting that the Nokia C7, announced last month at Nokia World, is now shipping to customers. Making it the second Symbian^3 device to hit retail, the C7 matches the majority of specs of the N8, missing out the HDMI port, 12 megapixel camera, and of course has a reduced price tag.

Our launch coverage of the C7 can be found here, where Rafe points out the highlights of the device and I discuss why the gorgeous form factor would make this a winning device – it’s one sexy looking phone.

Nokia C7-00

While some people with the N8 may have a touch of buyers remorse, the C7 is very much a complementary device to the N8. In fact all four of Nokia’s announced Symbian^3 devices make a strong family unit. Much like Apple make sure there is an iPod at each market point, Nokia are doing the same with their Symbian^3 handsets, from the low to mid tier C6-01, the stylish C7, the workhorse N8 and the tricked out E7.

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