Nokia release iSync support for the N8

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Nokia has just released an official iSync plug-in for the N8, meaning that Mac owners can now do a full Contacts/Calendar sync to the Mac Address Book and iCal. See below for some screen proofs and notes - there are some changes to the way Calendar sync works with iSync on Symbian^3 phones.

N8 in iSync



  1. The first sync with any new phone will be 'slow', while all entries are built from scratch, but subsequent syncs will be far, far faster.
  2. There's now awareness of the multiple Calendars on Symbian^3 phones. On the phone (in this case, the N8), other synced devices (in my case, I had the N86 8MP set up as well) have their Calendars appear separately. In other words, the N8's 'Manage Calendars' menu option lets me show or hide any ('private') entries, the 'PC Suite' entries (the default Calendar creation assignment - these are obviously synced to and from the Mac) and those from any other synced devices.
  3. There's no sign of support for the C6-01, C7 or E7 yet, but doubtless these will be added when the devices appear on the streets.

Look out for more on Symban^3 and multiple Calendars in due course here on AAS.