Samsung's Symbian plans officially closed?

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As Engadget puts it, "the other shoe just dropped" for anyone hoping that Samsung might yet be planning a Symbian^4 device or two in the future. In an email out to registered developers and on the Samsung Mobile Innovator web site, the company says that it "will discontinue its Symbian support service from December 31st 2010". Sad news from the company that brought us the i8910 HD, among other interesting and powerful designs.   

This follows Sony Ericssons's news that no Symbian^3 handsets  are planned, though as we noted at the time, Sony Ericsson (and other Symbian members) are quite probably just waiting for Symbian^4, to bring in new hardware and services after the 'compatibility break'. 

It's sad to see another Symbian Foundation member company reducing its commitment to future hardware, even though Symbian has always been dominated by Nokia, right from the beginning, over a decade ago.