The Symbian blog interviews Klomptek

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The Symbian Blog have published an interview with the Klomptek, the developers of Track and Protect. The interview covers the background history of the company, but also gives an insight into the development process and some unusual use cases. The latest version of Track and Protect, 2.08, which was released last week, improves the registration process, adds support for the Nokia N8 (one of the first third party applications to be fully optimised for the new device) and has additional language support. 

Rafe recently reviewed Track Protect and, after retrieving a lot phone with the service, described it as the Rolls Royce of mobile security solutions.

For those who don't know, Track and Protect is a comprehensive security package fro your phone, described by Rafe as the "Royals Royce of remote security". If a user looses their phone, Track and Protect provides a web interface which allows them to track the phone's location, remotely take photographs, and backup their PIM data. Klomptek are able to track which features people are using the most 

There is even a silent callback function so that users can listen in on the surroundings of the phone. Klomptek even say in their interview that some users have utilised this function as a baby monitor!

The Track&Trace Web interface