Giff Gaff Goody Bags now even better value

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We’ve been following the Giff Gaff story at All About Symbian with interest since this community supported virtual network launched last year, and they’ve recently announced some price changes suggested and supported by their users. Read on for more information.

Since the launch, there have been changes and tweaks to the network, especially in pricing and rewards. I love the fact that when you pitch in and help with the support and promotion of the network, you get cash back either through your Paypal account or to be used as 'redit on your SIM. I've always used the latter option and as a result haven't had to deposit any more cash to the network since my initial top up late last year, but I'm still connected and making calls each month.

Anyway, the team (originally from O2) have added some more features to the Pay as you Go network based on user feedback. The monthly bundles, which GiffGaff call "Goodybags", have had a £20 package added, which includes 600 minutes and unlimited texts and Internet.

You can follow the community inspired ideas which have been implemented on their website.

There’s still some healthy debate on what the network will charge for data, with the posted rates being discussed in the forums. Unlike other forums, there’s a different tone knowing that the decision men are listening and interacting with the posted arguments! While I suspect a lot of sausage making is being hidden behind the website, there’s still a lot of forward facing problems being dealt with.

More at GiffGaff.

-- Ewan Spence, Sept 2010.