The Nokia E72 updated to v51 firmware

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The Nokia E72 has received a OTA firmware update from version 031.023 to 051.018, and is an 11MB download. It is a significant update with a wide range of changes. Notably, Web sees an upgrade to v7.2.6. Along with updates, there is the usual statement of "stability and performance improvements", but these come along with a massive 450+ bug fixes. Click through for more details.

After updating one of All About Symbian's E72's, there weren't many visible differences, certainly not as many as listed at the published change log that everyone has been quoting. We did notice a smaller font on the clock along the lower status bar of the E72's user interface.

E72 v31 details E72 v51 details

The update is available over-the-air, but curiously not yet via Nokia Software Updater. For those who don't know how to trigger OTA updates, type in *#0000# from the home screen and select 'Check for updates' from the Options menu.

Previous version of Web on the E72 New version of Web on the E72

The E72 supports user data preservation (UDP), but as always, do make sure your data is backed up before performing any updates.

E72 self-updating