Review: Let's Golf

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Another calendar quarter, another golf game, another chance for Steve to wallow in handheld golf nostalgia? Or maybe not, this time - let's keep this one a straight Ovi Gaming review. Let's Golf! has been well received on other platforms, notably on the iPhone and iPad, and here we have a Java version optimised for Symbian-powered touchscreens. How much of the experience has been compromised in the port to Java and is Let's Golf! (in the Ovi Store) actually any good?

Let's Golf Review:

Let's Golf! screenshot  Let's Golf! screenshot

It's true that I'm fussy when it comes to golf games - but hopefully rightly so, in the context of filtering through the wannabes in search of the ultimate pinnacle of playability. Let's Golf! is a cross-platform franchise, characterised by impeccable physics and playability, though with cartoon-like (think Nintendo Wii) characters and scenery rather than photo-realism.

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