The Qi standard for wireless charging now defined

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The Wireless Power Consortium has now finalized the interface definition for a low-power specification for charging devices wirelessly.  The exact details will be published publicly on August 30th. The specification is currently limited to 5 Watts, more than enough for all USB-charging Symbian-powered phones. Devices that want to comply with the standard will have to pass third-party certification before the manufacturer is allowed to use the 'Qi' logo on the device or its packaging.

This is designed to make it easy for consumers to find interoperable chargers and devices.

"Our customers will see the Qi logo and know: this product works with my other Qi products," wrote Menno Treffers, a senior director of standardization at Philips who works with the consortium. "Publishing a standard is not enough. Without test documentation, certification services, and a logo license agreement, interoperability is an illusion."

Certification testing services will begin in August, meaning products supporting the standard could start appearing this fall.

(via Ars Technica)