Furtiv brings Dropbox image uploads to S60

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Furtiv, the creators of plugins for Nokia Share Online, have announced (on their blog) a new beta version plugin to upload photos to the popular cloud storage service, Dropbox. This provides the ability for a user to synchronise their files across multiple computers, and so photos uploaded from an S60 phone to Dropbox will be available to every computer a user has Dropbox installed on. Anyone wanting to try out this new plugin just needs to go to http://furtiv.mobi with their S60 browser and select the Dropbox plugin.

S60 uploading to Dropbox

From Furtiv's blog post:

"Here at furtiv we are big fans of Dropbox. It’s a very effortless way of keeping your personal files and documents in sync across multiple computers. It also works as online backup, which is always good given the way we abuse our laptops.

We are testing a new photo upload plug-in for Dropbox. So far, we are really digging it. It just takes one click and your photo is magically in all the computers where you have installed Dropbox. This plug-in is great for people who don’t necessarily want to share their photos online but want a super easy way of transferring their photos to their computer. You don’t have to worry about connecting cables, struggling with PC Suite software, flaky Bluetooth connections, etc. Just send your photo to Dropbox and that’s it. It works with Macs, PCs and Linux computers. Dropbox also has a mobile website where you can always access your photos along with all your other files.

Please give it a try and let us know what you think. Just point your mobile browser to http://furtiv.mobi from your compatible Nokia Symbian phone to get this beta plug-in."