Ovi Maps 3.4 rebooting your Nokia smartphone?

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Several readers have experienced an instability with Ovi Maps 3.4 in recent weeks, resulting in seemingly random reboots, worryingly. The failsafe cure is to disable the new 'Wi-fi positioning' method in 'Settings/General/Positioning' (or 'Location/Positioning' on S60 5th Edition), and it seems like Nokia have identified at least one specific reason for Wi-Fi going doolally, see below for a quote from a service bulletin issued to their Care Points.

From the bulletin:

"Investigating the issue has revealed that it is related to the simultaneous installation of an application called Joikuspot Premium version 2.6. Therefore, the solution to this issue is the installation of the new version of Joikuspot Premium (JP, version 3.0), in which this issue has been fixed. If the user has bought Joikuspot Premium from Joikuspot’s own shop, s/he should start the Joikuspot application and get the update directly from the application, or go to http://www.joikuspot.com/mobile. If user has bought Joikuspot Premium from the Ovi Store, user needs to update it from there (Ovi Store > My stuff > My download history)."

I'm not totally convinced, having seen this myself on several devices which didn't have JP installed. My feeling is that it's simply that the positioning implementation in Ovi Maps is buggy. But then there's always Ovi Maps 3.5, which is surely not too far down the road?