Skype 1.1 now out for most Symbian devices

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Skype for Symbian has been updated to version 1.1 and is now available for most Symbian (3rd Edition and 5th Edition) devices, either directly on the handset from or as a download from the Ovi Store. Apart from minor cosmetic changes, the interesting improvement seems to be a reduction in the amount of RAM that the application uses, now down to around 10MB on the AAS N97, acceptable on a modern-firmware-equipped device.

If you’ve not logged on to Skype from your mobile for some time, there is a bit of a lag as it launches, while the client caches your old IM conversations and contacts, but once that’s down, it’s a solid application, offering you the ability to handle multiple IM conversations, group chats and voice calls easily. Latency was small and IM arrived on the mobile client within a second of arriving at our desktops.

Skype for Symbian 1.1 Skype for Symbian 1.1 

Quality of the call is a touch scratchy, but it’s as good as other handset-based VoIP solutions (and the usual caveat applies of making sure your internet connection is Wifi or you have a clear understanding of your 3G data tariff!).

Skype for Symbian 1.1 Skype for Symbian 1.1

Download from the Ovi Store.