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In April, Nokia announced a raft of new phones, including the side-sliding C6. The first sign of this phone coming to market has appeared today with now taking pre-orders. Play have priced the C6 at £269.99 (UKP) which is £30 below the listed recommended retail price. As with most early orders there is an an early adopter premium. Nokia's original press release set the C6 at €220, which roughly translates to approximately £213 (UKP, including VAT) at current exchange rates. We recommend holding back for now, as lower prices should be appearing once the C6 is officially on the market.

We would expect the C6 to reach the £200-£220 price point a few months after the first retail availability.

All About Symbian reported on Nokia's announcement of the C6, along with the C3 and E5, back in April.

Today Nokia introduced the Nokia C6, a mid-range touchscreen smartphone, with a slide out QWERTY keyboard and comprehensive social messaging software suite. The C6 runs Symbian^1 (but with pervasive kinetic scrolling and widget homescreen, N97-style) and features a 5 megapixel camera, integrated GPS and comprehensive connectivity options. It ships with a full range of Ovi services, including Ovi Maps (free car and pedestrian navigation), Ovi Store (content downloads), Ovi Music (music store), and Nokia Messaging (email and instant messaging). The Nokia C6 will be available later this quarter at a price of EUR 220 before taxes and subsidies.

Follow this link to read about its specifications, and how it compares with similar Nokia phones.

Nokia C6

Nokia C6 with keyboard in open position