Free daily data from Giffgaff until October 2010

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Community based UK MVNO Giffgaff has extended their offer of free mobile internet to all users until the start of October. Giffgaff launched without an automatic way to charge for data, they said “hey, data is free up to 100mb a day,” and planned to charge for data at the end of June. Well, now it’s the end of June, and O2’s core data network is in the middle of being updated. So it’s free data till October for GiffGaff users.

For those people looking to go over the 100mb of data a day (really? Apart from video streaming what are you doing?) the network still offers their unlimited bundles which include data from £10 a month, and that’s unlimited data for personal mobile phone usage (and their £35 unlimited calls, texts and data is still very attractive).

With all the talk of unlimited data bundles coming to an end, it’s interesting that Giffgaff can still offer them (and on the same network, O2, that’s clamping down the most visibly). They’ve an answer for that as well, “Our members behaviour will be different from other networks so what we will do is look at the usage patterns and economics of what our members are doing and make a decision from there.”

You can order your SIM direct from Giff Gaff here.