PhoneTorch 2 now for S60 3rd Edition (FP2 phones and N95) too!

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PhoneTorch has been one of the most popular utilities for S60 5th Edition for the last year - and users like myself have been pleading with the author Harald Meyer to say the magic words and sacrifice the necessary goats to the masters of Symbian Signed in order to get it working for S60 3rd Edition FP2 too. And it's finally here, using the dual LED flash lights to revolutionise your walk home from the pub or find your way around the house in the dark without waking everyone else by turning on the main lights. Links and more below.

PhoneTorch on S60 3rd Edition FP2

In addition to working with the built-in camera LED lights, PhoneTorch 2 for S60 3rd Edition features:

  • Autostart when phone is turned on
  • Run PhoneTorch in background
  • Switch light on/off with special keys (e.g. camera button) even if keys are locked
  • Optional sound when light is turned on/off

Device compatibility for S60 3rd Edition FP2 is given as E52, E55, E75, N79, N85, N86, 5630 XM, 6720 "and others". There's a test utility on the PhoneTorch web site that you can use to see if your device model is compatible. Of special note is that there's also a 'N95' version, with a couple of small caveats.

Aside from the main site, PhoneTorch 2 is also now in the Ovi Store - search for it on the on-device client, too.

PhoneTorch 2 is already available for all S60 5th Edition phones, including the Sony Ericsson and Samsung devices. Again, see the PhoneTorch web site for download links.