How long SHOULD a smartphone battery last?

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Starting with a throwaway line from a US podcast, Steve Litchfield works up a head of steam over the ever-slipping battery life standard in our smartphones. How long is long enough when it comes to keeping a modern smartphone going on a single charge? Are we destined to need to carry around mobile chargers in our pocket in 2011 or is there a better way to go? Surely making it through the day is a fundamental that should never be compromised?

"This rant started with listening to the Mobile Tech Roundup podcast, programme 210 (MP3 here). Now, don't get me wrong, I love Matt, James and Kevin who produce this in the USA and Canada, they know their stuff and I always respect their opinions. But in programme 210 (and mentioned also in 211) there was a new concept that had me reeling."

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