How are the Symbian Incubator Projects coming along?

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Following a presentation at the recent Towel Day, Symbian’s Lars Kurth has blogged an update on their Incubation Projects (community initiated projects where more help is needed to deliver on the promise of the projects). Coming along nicely are the Wild Ducks handset, GCC Compilation of Symbian ^3 and Python.

From Kurth’s update:

Wild Ducks, which is all about enabling you to build your own phone, is building momentum. Some of the highlights are: an increasing number of companies are getting involved (Accenture, Antrax, BYD, Cell-Telekom, Cypress & Nokia), a working Symbian^3 UI, a working telephony stack (albeit we still need to run some of it on the emulator) and the Beagle Board extension board that is being developed by Antrax. At Towel Day Arunabh, the project lead, gave an excellent project update.

Software Freedom Fighters, which aims to get Symbian compiled with GCC, made some progress. The community fixed 65 compiler issues in Symbian^3, about a 3rd of what is needed. With Symbian^3 maturing, the project is planning to move efforts over to Symbian^4.

Python is now an active incubation project. Resources are being moved from Source Forge to the foundation. I will let you know once it’s clearer how the community can help and get more involved going forward.

Three other projects are hoping to get started, including a mobile augmented reality framework, a port of Perl, and Linux based development tools

More at the Symbian blog.