Video: Tour of Nokia's Experience Lounge

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During a recent visit to Nokia's Espoo (Helsinki) offices, I had the opportunity to look round Nokia's Experience Lounge, which showcases all of Nokia's latest products and services - from Ovi Maps and Nokia Messaging to the latest Nokia handsets. As an additional bonus, tucked away in one corner of the room, is a set of shelves that contain one of almost every Nokia phone model ever produced. So how to share this with loyal readers? Film a walkabout of course! 

The video was filmed in co-operation with Ben Smith from The Really Mobile Project. A big thank you to him for his excellent camera and editing work. Ben has published a post describing the video here.

The Nokia Experience Walkabout with Rafe Blandford

Ben Smith: "Welcome to Finland, we're here attending Nokia's 'Open for Ideas' event - it is all about innovation. However earlier in the day we got to attend their experience lounge at their Espoo headquarters and like a mobile sniffing bloodhound we sent Rafe Blandford to pick out the best and the classics that they have on display".

This video is also available in HD on YouTube.

Here's our earlier still image gallery of the Nokia Experience Lounge.

Ben and I also teamed up to shoot some other videos, including a closer look at the X3 and C6 handsets and video demos of Nokia Research Centre prototypes. We aim to publish these over the next few week or so.