Google Friday link round up

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In a couple of Google-related Friday links of interest, we thought you might like to know that there's now a (fairly) slick mobile version of Google Buzz, proclaimed by the Google Mobile blog as compatible with 'Nokia S60'. A screenshot and a few notes below. Also, Google's planned world domination buy out of AdMob has now been formally completed, so ads within mobile web pages and mobile apps from these two sources will effectively start merging in the near future. 

ScreenshotInterestingly, the Buzz mobile site isn't yet fully working on S60 devices, despite the Google blog's assertion. When you go to in S60 Web, you get the 'Basic HTML' version.

In order to see the site shown here, tap on 'Mobile'.

It's also worth noting that the permissions and certificates aren't yet optimised for S60 Web, it seems. When going into the Buzz mobile site, there's a flurry of Web 'untrusted' warnings that have to be acknowledged. Still, I'm sure they'll sort it out soon.


NB. I don't really use Google Buzz, so please don't start following me (yet) - you won't see anything interesting! 8-)