Join the Symbian Bug Squad

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One of the side effects of being part of an ecosystem of an 'open' operating system is that, at some point, you'll be roped in to help out. One such thing is happening with the Symbian Foundation's Bug Squad, which convenes regularly for bug-squashing days (e.g. today), here's how you can get involved.

"The Squad is a virtual one. No formal application is required, no qualifications check. You can join it by simply adding your name to a table in the wiki, and by introducing yourself on the IRC channel. You don't even have to be a developer in order to participate, testers are welcome too - be they professionals or mere passionate power-users. Working in virtual teams, and focusing on one package/component/application at the time, each volunteer can contribute by identifying a bug, suggesting a better way of implementing a feature, or actually fixing and then verifying the identified bug."