More stats in: Symbian sales way up, share slightly down

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More stats breakdowns are now in from the smartphone world in Q1, 2010, this time courtesy of Gartner, linked below. Are we in danger of information overload?(!) In line with other reports, the smartphone market is broken down, worldwide, by operating system, with sales of Symbian-powered smartphones up a whopping 35% year on year, though market share is down 4.5%, due to the way the overall market grew even faster, by just over 48%. More numbers below.

Worldwide Smartphone Sales to End Users by Operating System in 1Q10 (Thousands of Units)

Company 1Q10  Units 1Q10 Market Share (%) 1Q09  Units 1Q09 Market Share (%)
Symbian 24,069.8 44.3 17,825.3 48.8
Research In Motion 10,552.6 19.4 7,533.6 20.6
iPhone OS 8,359.7 15.4 3,848.1 10.5
Android 5,214.7 9.6 575.3 1.6
Microsoft Windows Mobile 3,706.0 6.8 3,738.7 10.2
Linux 1,993.9 3.7 2,540.5 7.0
Other OSs 404.8 0.7 445.9 1.2
Total 54,301.4 100.0 36,507.4 100.0

Source: Gartner via Matt Miller

To give you a handle on how large these numbers are, consider that the Symbian figure equates to around 260,000 smartphones sold PER DAY. A quarter of a million smartphones using Symbian are bought every single day, week in, week out. Like I said, big numbers!

And I'll remake my usual observation that Symbian's figures match that of the other three big players combined. Yes, Nokia and Symbian have something of a tech media image problem in some countries, but the numbers are still extremely healthy.

Particularly interesting is that the big four mobile OS (Symbian, RIM, iPhone and Android) all significantly grew their sales figures, i.e. more new users than ever before, while Windows Mobile, Mobile Linux, Web OS and other contenders are stagnating or falling further behind. At this stage I think we can confidently say that it's going to be a four horse race for the next two years. Although there is some uncertainity is ahead with the advent of Windows Phone 7 and the Samsung Bada.

Steve Litchfield, All About Symbian, 19 May 2010