OpenTable for Nokia - book a restaurant table from your phone

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OpenTable for Nokia, an application which lets you book a restaurant table from you phone, is now available to download from Ovi Store. OpenTable is a well established online restaurant booking service; it covers more than 13,000 restaurants in the US, UK, Canada and Mexico. The key advantage of the service is that it provides a complete 'end-to-end' offering allowing you to browse restaurants, making a booking and receive a confirmation. This saves significant time and effort over the traditional method of telephone booking.

Open Table for Nokia is currently compatible with Symbian^1 devices (S60 5th Edition), but support for S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 2 should be added in the next few weeks.

OpenTable for Nokia, in common with the service itself, is based on the principal of finding a table. The application can pull information from the GPS and show you the restaurants closest to your current location; alternatively you can manually specify a location. The application will ask you to provide  a date and time and then show all the restaurants that have availability.

Open TableOpen TableOpen Table

Searching for and browsing restaurants in OpenTable

This offers a significant time and convenience saving compared to ringing up individual restaurants to see if they have availability. It is based on the idea that most people using the service, especially when mobile, are looking for somewhere to eat, in a given location, at a given time and are probably interested in seeing a range of options.

However you can also search for a specific restaurant and make a booking that way; chances are it will still be faster than ringing the restaurant yourself.

The application lists basic information about each restaurant and there are links to open up a browser to view a menu or read a review. Location information is handled by a mapping function that uses Google Maps; it's a shame there's no intelligent integration with Ovi Maps here.

When you're ready to book you choose from a range of times (note how, in the screenshot below, a 7pm time slot is not available). You'll need a free OpenTable account to make the booking, which can be done from within the application. Once you have made a booking you will receive confirmation that it has been successful.

Open TableOpen TableOpen Table

Restaurant information and location; booking a table.

The application has been built using Symbian's Web RunTime (WRT) technology. In common with other complex WRT applications, this means that the application can sometimes feel a little sluggish (e.g. slow response to screen taps, pop-up messages asking for location permissions). It is also reliant on a data connection and works best over a 3G or WiFi connection. However the application offers a significant improvement over the mobile site and even more of an improvement over the typical restaurant booking process.


OpenTable was founded in 1998. Initially it focused on taking bookings online, but in recent years mobile has emerged as an important platform. There's a mobile version of the site and Android, Blackberry, Palm and iPhone application have already been released. In March an OpenTable blog post indicated that more than 2 million people had been seated through its mobile services; this figure has now reached 3 million - with an estimated revenue for its restaurant partners of $150 million.

OpenTable UK coverage is mainly limited to London; the listings for the US are more extensive, especially in the major metropolitan areas.

More information is available on the OpenTable blog. OpenTable for Nokia can be downloaded through the Ovi Store (USA, UK, Canada and Mexico only).