Ovi Maps receives minor update

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Nokia Beta Labs have updated the 3.04 beta for Ovi Maps. The page for Ovi Maps is reporting that a minor update has been made to its 3.04 beta version, as of April 16th 2010. There is no information on what has been updated, and indeed the version number has not incremented. The only obvious change is the filename. More below if you're interested!

The previous 3.04 filename was "maps_installer_3.04_10wk8_b02_s60_5.0.Nocs.sis" and it is now "maps_installer_3.04_10wk15_b04_s60_3.2.Nocs.sis".

If you like to stay on the bleeding edge, or the last 3.04 beta gave you problems, this will be worth checking out. As ever though, be sure to backup your phone before trying any beta software.


Ovi Maps Beta update