VisionMobile's developer survey

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VisionMobile is currently conducting a survey of mobile developers to understand the current state of mobile development and look at future trends. VisionMobile are looking for developers willing to participate in short phone interview or an online survey, with a chance to win prizes for taking part. The study is being funded by O2's Limtus and consequently the key results will be made publicly available. 

I would encourage developers to make their voices heard as this sort of research will likely be used by developers programs as a way of getting an overview of mobile developer attitudes and expectations.

The research is looking  at more than 35 different points including:

  • How do developer pain points vary across Symbian, iPhone, Android and so on?
  • What are the key reasons (technical and marketing) for selecting a mobile platform ?
  • How do App Stores compare to other go-to-market channels?
  • Which platform is faster to develop, debug and get support on?
  • Which go-to-market channel is faster to go to shelf and which is faster for getting paid?
  • Which are the most popular revenue models and the most effective promotional tactics?

We'll be publishing a summary of the findings on All About Symbian in due course.

More information on VisionMobile.