Nokia strike a blow for reasonably priced smartphones

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David Gilson looks at Nokia's new C6 and E5 smartphones in the light of the models they either replace or will be compared to. What's outstanding is, naturally enough, the prices, though David goes into significant technical detail in justifying the comparisons and conclusion.

"Here at all about Symbian we are focussing on the S60 3rd edition FP2 "E5" and the Symbian^1 "C6", which have release prices of EUR 180 and EUR 220, respectively. The third phone to be released was the C3, which will run on Series 40, and is priced at EUR 90, and is arguably the best value of the three.

To express just how significant these prices drops are, we've put together a short comparison of the new phones against the existing Nokia phones they will likely be compared against."

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