Furtiv passes download milestone and graduates from beta

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Furtiv, the Share Online plugin maker, recently passed its 100,000th download on the Ovi Store, and has announced the end of its beta stage. Users who installed plugins from Furtiv's mobile site over a month ago are advised to upgrade. More below...

For those who don't know, Furtiv is a company who write plugins for Nokia Share Online, increasing the number of channels by which users can share their photos and videos, by adding support for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more. Furtiv's plugins have been available on the Ovi Store for a while now, and on March 20th they announced that they had passed the 100,000 download threshold. As a side note, this further demonstrates the growing popularity of the Ovi Store.

Yesterday, Furtiv announced on their blog that they are "graduating" from their beta phase, and thus support for their beta plugins will cease on April 10th 2010, nine days from today. This won't affect users who have installed Furtiv from the Ovi Store, or users who directly downloaded from http://furtiv.mobi in the last month. However, anyone who installed Furtiv plugins directly from the mobile site, more than a month ago, will need to follow the instructions here to upgade.