Tour of Qt stand at MWC - Qt everywhere

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Our latest MWC video is a tour around the Qt stand, looking at some of the Qt-enabled devices - from phones to printers and appliances. Mobile developers and users have been hearing more and more about Qt in the last 18 months. It is the future application framework for both Symbian and MeeGo (Nokia's two open platforms going forward). However, as this video demonstrates, Qt is already a well established technology and the 'Qt everywhere' slogan has already been realised.

This videos shows the amazing diversity of devices that are Qt enabled. This is important because it shows that Qt is a mature and tested technology, is being used in multiple industries and multiple devices and that there are many existing Qt developers out there. More than anything it is a powerful demonstration of the cross platform promise of Qt.

Key points

  • As 'live' from the show floor at Mobile World Congress; Daniel Kihlberg (Director, Qt sales marketing and services) shows off some of the Qt-enabled device on the stand. With Qt, 'you can write the code once and deploy it on many different operating systems'.
  • Demo of Symbian and Windows Mobile running the same code base for a music service application (Nokia, HTC and Sony Ericsson).
  • Demo of a Qt application (a shopping list app) running on Nokia N900 (Maemo), Nokia 5800 (Symbian^1), Samsung i8910, N85 (S60 3rd Edition), HTC HD2 (Windows Mobile), Motorola A1200 (Linux) - all from the same code base.
  • Other Qt devices (Qt Everywhere) - photo frame, Garmin Navigation (Nuiviphone), Sony Mylo, Recipe Machine, Skype Phone appliance and more.
  • Qt becoming a standard in the car industry - demo of Ovi Maps - and how there may be multiple screen in the car (e.g. back seat).
  • View of Qt-enabled set top box (home media centres etc.) Learnings from one area can be applied to others - i.e. how set top boxes might influence future mobile experiences. View of Qt-powered HP printer that can access websites and print out information directly from the printer (e.g. print out Google Calendar). View of IP-enabled telephone powered by Qt.

  • Qt is chipset agnostic (though you will have to recompile, from same code, for different chip sets).

Tour of the Qt stand at Mobile World Congress with Daniel Kihlberg of Qt

Developers can get all the information they need from Thanks to the Qt stand team for their assistance in creating this video.