Sony Ericsson Vivaz - design choices, comparison with Pro, video demo

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Continuing from our previous Sony Ericsson Vivaz videos we look at some of the key design charcteristics of the Vivaz and Vivaz Pro (human curvature, light reflection effects and material choices), compare the Vivaz and Vivaz Pro on video, take a brief look at some of the different colours that will be available and get a demo of the handset shooting video and uploading to YouTube. Taken together these videos help you get a clearer picture of Sony Ericsson's new Symbian^1 handsets.

Key points

  • The Vivaz and Vivaz Pro feature what Sony Ericsson call the 'human curvature' design, which means the handset 'fits' into your hand.
  • Special 'polarising' paint gives a highlighted 'light touched' effect on the Vivaz. This light touched area draws the eye and makes you think the phone is smaller than it really is.

  • Light reflection on the side of the device creates a 'line' which draws the eye and makes the phone appear slimmer than it actually is.
  • The Vivaz has a glass screen, which means the phone can be thinner and gives better touch sensitivity than the plastics typically used in resistive screens.
  • There was a design choice on the Sony Ericsson Vivaz Pro - in order to keep the phone 'thin' it was a choice between a lower resolution camera or a smaller battery. The battery won and consequently the Vivaz Pro has a five megapixel camera instead of an eight megapixel camera.
  • Four colours for the Vivaz: Blue, Silver, Black and Ruby
  • Dedicated video shooting button (separate from camera capture), plus UI which recalls Sony HandyCam.
  • Sony Ericsson put its HD experience on top of Symbian because they were confident the platform could handle it (calling on experience gained with the Satio) and because of the battery life (power management) characteristics of the platform. The only Sony Ericsson HD video recording device are the Symbian powered Vivaz and Vivaz Pro.

Sony Ericsson Vivaz design considerations


Sony Ericsson Vivaz and Vivaz Pro compared


Sony Ericsson Vivaz Colours and video shooting / uploading demo


We'll also be starting our review series of the Sony Ericsson Vivaz very soon.