BigBen strikes for S60

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Always good to see a company from the now defunct UIQ world make waves in the S60 5th Edition world - CellPhoneSoft's latest is a port of their BigBen utility, a "combined clock screensaver, key lock, and reminder utility for S60 smartphones." Some screens and links below.

BigBen screenshot BigBen screenshot BigBen screenshot BigBen screenshot 

BigBen "protects the phone from accidental use by locking keys. The key lock can be triggered by idle time, application switch, and other events. In locked state BigBen acts as a fully customizable screen-saver, with various backgrounds and colors. The provided large digital and analog clocks are easily seen from a distance. The program also offers visible and audible reminders for missed calls, alarms and messages. Further services include the display of upcoming calendar items, and hourly chime with selectable sound. With BigBen it is possible to make the phone look and sound like the famous tower clock in London."


Documentation for BigBen: User GuideFAQ
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