Video Report: Faster texting with Swype’s touch-based system

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Rafe and Ewan McLeod are hard at work bouncing around Barcelona, and they caught up with a number of companies at the MWC MobileFocus evening. One of those companies, Swype, promises a “faster and more efficient way of entering text on a touchscreen device”, as Rafe finds out in this Video Report with Mike McSherry and gets his hands on an alternative input system.

“It works by drawing the words,” McSherry told the trusty video duo. “By tracing the word from letter by letter to spell a word. By not having to pick up your finger and reposition it, it’s not that three dimensional moving your finger around, you can just trace your finger over the letters so it's fast and efficient.”

Swype are currently looking at distributing via OEM manufacturer deals and carrier agreements, so there is no download, but you can find out more on Swype at their website.