Python for S60 hits v2.0 and aims for the Symbian Foundation

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Python for S60 has been in a state of flux for oh so long, with multiple forks and levels, but it seems we can put all that behind us now with the formal release of the big shiny v2.0 - the dev kit was released today. You may have noted that we reported on PyS60 being made available via Sw update on some 3rd Edition FP2 devices (and above) a month ago. This new kit represents all the other bits developers (and users) might need to write in Python. The announcement, quoted below, also mentions that the source code is being donated to the Symbian Foundation.

From the announcement:

The development kit includes the following and is available at the maemo garage,

  • Installer for Windows platform that includes
    • Getting started guide
    • Nokia signed PyS60 runtime sis which will work on S60 3rdEd, 3rdEdFP1, 3rdEdFP2 and 5thEd devices.
    • Two Nokia signed default capability set PythonScriptShell sis files.
    • Nokia signed high capas PythonScriptShell sis. This sis file comes with higher capabilities than self signed (SwEvent,
    • WriteDeviceData, ReadDeviceData)
    • Unsigned developer certificate PythonScriptShell sis. This sis file can be used for Symbian Open signing.
    • Application packaging tool with GUI and README
  • Archive for Linux/Mac platform which includes the same contents as included in Windows installer
  • Separate SDK zips for 3rdEdFP1 and 3rdEdFP2. SDK zip contains both gcce and armv5 link libraries. Python 3rdEdFP2 SDK zip will work fine on S60 3rdEd and 5thEd
  • Python source code
  • OpenSSL source code. This source code is released just to be in complaint with the terms of LGPL licensed software. This source code is nothing to do with PyS60 software.
  • Python for S60 pdf documentation

The documentation is also available online at and more information here.


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