Not to be left out, the N97 mini gets updated too

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Not to be left out, the Nokia N97 mini also got a firmware update today, with very similar content to its bigger brother. Version 11.0.045 is only (so far) available via NSU as a 160MB download. Comments welcome if you can add to the changelog/overview below

(Hat-tip to CJ for persevering with that update button long after I'd given up).

Note that there's full User Data Preservation (though a backup is still recommended for your data) and, because the N97 mini isn't 'challenged' for space on disk C:, you won't need to jump through hoops to hard reset first and rebuild, just to conserve free space....

What's new for v11.0.045

The software contains many fixes and improvements over v10 firmware including:

  •  More free RAM after booting (around 6MB more)
  •  Improved call reliability 

  •  Browser improvements
  •  Music player improvements
  •  Improved image and video stability 


  • After removing the Facebook and AccuWeather homescreen widgets, the N97 mini now boots up with around 55MB of RAM free
  • Curiously, Ovi Maps 3.3 (free) isn't in the firmware, though of course, it's an easy add-on from 'Software update' on the device, from or from the Ovi Store.

Steve Litchfield, AAS