Beta Labs' Gig Finder answer the question of "who shall we see tonight?"

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Nokia's Betalabs have another curious little app available. Gig Finder, for S60 5th Edition phones, allows you to build up a profile of bands, and search for gigs that you should like that based on your location (or wherever you feel like searching). While I'd love to know where the data is coming from, and a little bit more explanation on how to tailor the recommendation engine, this could grow into a nice little tool.

I've been jumping in and out of this over the last few days, not because I'm always going out on town (well, not until SXSW starts) but because this is a good example of a joined up ecosystem that smartphones should be promoting. I'm surprised that the interface is nothing like the S60 UI (and I'm wondering if this is the influence of the new Symbian UI to come this year), but when the app picks up The Broken Spoke's gig list in Austin, TX  for this Friday, I'm impressed.

Nokia Gigfinder Nokia Gigfinder

Once you click on a gig, you'll see some holistic offerings of other Nokia services, including Ovi Maps and the Music Store; it saves the gig details straight into your phone's calendar; and you can share it via email, SMS, or post it to your Facebook profile. Being in the Beta labs, this is clearly not a finished product, but it's looking nice so far.

Nokia Gigfinder Nokia Gigfinder 

Find out more and download at the Nokia Beta Labs.