Ovi Store downloads rise by 70%

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Bill Perry, one of the senior services managers for Forum Nokia, has blogged about the Ovi Store and some of the numbers driving the growth. Over 100 devices, in 20 countries, with the N97 and the 5800 being the top devices. The average user has downloaded 8 items and there's been 70% growth in October's downloads compared to September.

It's interesting these numbers are coming out through a personal blog rather than a full blown Nokia press release, although it does indicate that Nokia are happy for Ovi to be just there, rather than actively promoted. Maybe telling people about the success of Ovi requires a large army of success stories and they only have a handful at the moment who are happy to go public?

Of course without knowing what the September numbers were, we don't have a fixed number, but any service that can gather a 70% growth is going the right way, so let's acknowledge that something is going right.

Thanks to CJ for the link.

-- Ewan Spence, Nov 2009.