Nokia Music (PC Client) now Nokia Ovi Player

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Nokia Music (PC Client), Nokia's software for managing and transferring music to Nokia devices, has been renamed Nokia Ovi Player. With the name change comes a small update: there's official support for Windows 7 and the addition of 'Recent' to the navigation/filter tabs (joining the existing Albums, Artists and Genre tabs). Nokia Ovi Player is a relatively resource hungry application, but it does offer a one-stop-solution for managing, buying (from the Nokia Music Store), and importing (burning from CD) music as well as transferring music to MTP compatible mobile devices.

You can download the new version by opening the application and choosing Help -> Check for updates now, or by going to the Nokia Music website.

Nokia Ovi Player is essentially a re-brand of Nokia Music (PC Client), although there have been a few UI enhancements.

Nokia Music Store (Nokia Ovi Music Store soon?) is available as a tab in Nokia Ovi Player

There is now a post on the Ovi Blog about the name change.

"Ovi Player contains some new views to help you navigate and enjoy your music collection. The ‘recently added’ view is used by many people as a way of keeping track of their new music. This enhanced view shows your recently added music grouped by albums together with cover art. In addition, the introduction of a ‘filter column’ on the detailed view will also help you browse your music collection more easily."