Review: the Nokia N97 mini - part 0!

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Yes, a full retail Nokia N97 mini is at AAS Towers and I'm currently scribbling away on the ol' parchment to bring you a full review for next week. Just to wet your appetite though, here's my detailed N97 mini image gallery, with comments by Rafe and myself. With slimmer form factor and higher use of metal, I'd sum up my impressions of the device after a day as 'feels like the N97 that the Eseries team would have come up with'. More, much more to come next week.

Directional keys
Rather than a D-Pad on the left hand side of the keyboard, the N97 mini has four directional keys on the right hand side of the keyboard. The home key (placed diagonally, on the upper part of the device) now has a rougher (grippier) feel/texture, which makes it easier to find and less prone to finger slips.

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