Sports Tracker runs out of Nokia to become a new start-up

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Good news for fans of Nokia's Sports Tracker application – the technology is being spun out of Nokia and into a new company. Sports Tracking Technologies Oy (STT) has been started by Jussi Kaasinen and Yka Huhtala, the core developers behind Sports Tracker. Nokia will continue to have access to the app, and will be a client of STT.

Having started back in early 2007, Sports Tracker has been a niche but useful application for many, and this announcement explains the recent lull in updates – the lawyers have been busy! Kaasinen spoke to Running Digital on the new company:

STT is slightly larger now than the original two-person core team, but their available resources have been especially limited due to complicated intellectual property issues; Jussi said, “You wouldn’t believe how many lawyers have been involved with this.” Our conversation lasted for about a half hour.

What happens next is going to be fun. There are no major announcements just yet, but users can relax, knowing the service is safe for at least a few more years. I'll be watching with interest both the new company, and also the Nokia led 'evolution' of Sports Tracker into Ovi Journeys (which ties into Ovi Maps).