The Nokia 5730 XpressMusic: first impressions and comparisons

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In the first part of my coverage of the Nokia 5730 XpressMusic, I compare three slide-sliders (two of them Symbian) and reckon that a) on the whole, you get what you pay for(!) and b) that the 5730 XpressMusic contains a number of, at first sight, strange hardware design flaws. Rather surprisingly, too, I'd been really looking forward to trying this phone. The saving graces come when the sun goes down, as you'll see from the last photo in this initial impressions piece, when the 5730 exudes 'geek cool', and when you spot the 'extras'... Watch this space for a full, detailed multi-part review.

Nokia 5730 XpressMusic and Nokia E75

"There's definitely been something in the air over the last year or so, with slide-sliding qwerty phon es popping out of the woodwork from all directions. It seems that qwerty is back in vogue, but that users would rather it was tucked away most of the time to keep their 'classic' phone looks. Here I wanted to directly compare the Nokia 5730 XpressMusic and Nokia E75, obviously from exactly the same design department (much of the main board layout, mechanical frame/slide and specification is identical), adding in the mass market LG KS360 by way of showing how far down qwerty now goes down the food chain."


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