Presenting the Cityman 450 anti-theft device for the Nokia N97

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Nokia's sent us one of their Cityman 450 anti-theft units designed for the Nokia N97, and we have to say it's quite impressive. Absolutely no one will want to steal your phone once you've put this little beauty into action. Find out more below...

The Cityman 450 is based on the 1987 Nokia phone of the same name, and allows the N97 to snugly fit into the front of the casing:

Cityman box blurb

Cityman unboxed

Nokia N97 fitted in Cityman


Here is the user guide (and yes, that URL does work):

Cityman instructions


If you install the application at the above URL, you get an exact simulation of the real Cityman's keypad which lets you actually make phone calls (no contacts of course, you have to dial the numbers yourself):

Nokia N97 cityman keypad emulation


More photos:

Cityman from an angle

Cityman side

Cityman box

Cityman history

To be honest we're not completely convinced this will ever make it into the shops, and the box does say it's a very limited edition product, but we thought you'd like to see it anyway... :-)