Ovi Files Connector for Macintosh now available

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The Ovi Macintosh Files Connector, writes Tam Huynh on the Ovi Blog today, is now available. It will allow OS X 10.5 users to remotely access files on their Mac from a Nokia handset, or the Ovi Files web interface , send the files directly to friends and colleagues and build up a mirror of your useful files on the Anytime Files archive that comes attached to your Ovi account. And don't forget that Ovi Files recent dropped the subscription charge and is now available as a free web service.

So you ask, how do you, Mister Ovi Files product manager, update that Word document you were working on until 2 am? You know, the one you forgot to copy to your USB stick? You obviously can’t use Ovi Files since it doesn’t support the Mac... Yes, it does! I’m happy to announce that we’ve recently released our Ovi Files Macintosh Connector that lets you do everything you can do with our Ovi Files PC Connector.

Read more and download, via the Nokia Ovi Blog.