Quickoffice gains full editing facilities on the Nokia 5800 and N97

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Quickoffice has now soft-launched Quickoffice v6.2 Premier (i.e. the editing version) for the Nokia S60 5th Edition phones. The company say "This is an interim release for touch devices only due to significant demand and requests from our end users for editing support ASAP. Watch this space for full v6.2 feature details and developments/launches for other phones happening soon". Soon, from the little birdie that twittered in my ear, might be very soon, in fact. In the meantime, N97 and 5800 owners should find that v6.2 Premier is now available as a paid upgrade on their device in Quickoffice's 'Updates & upgrades' (Quickmanager) section. See below for screenshots and brief comments.

Getting Quickoffice 6.2 Premier from Quickmanager

Quickoffice 6.2 Premier can be downloaded via Quickoffice's Quickmanager component. Open Quickoffice and choose 'Options -> Updates and upgrades' from the menu. Quickoffice 6.2 Premier is available for download and purchase (£23.83 in the UK).

Update: The download is also available in Quickmanager on the Samsung i8910 (Omnia HD).

Quickoffice   Quickoffice 2

If you're a Nokia 5800 user and do not currently have Quickoffice 4.2 (viewer version) installed on your device then you can download it via the Download! application (it's in the Applications folder).

Quickoffice 6.2 Premier screenshots

Quickoffice 6.2 Premier supports files created in Micosoft Office 97, 2000, XP and 2007. Some of the recent changes include multiple language support (English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish), viewing of password protected files, ZIP file support, 'Word Count' function in Word and much more.

Quickoffice 6 screenshot

Quickoffice 6 screenshot

... showing the facelifted file manager front end

Quickoffice 6 screenshot

... tweaking the formatting of an Excel spreadsheet

Quickoffice 6 screenshot

... editing a formula

Quickoffice 6 screenshot

... opening up and editing my standard Test Word document

Quickoffice 6 screenshot

... plenty of editing options in Quickword

Quickoffice 6 screenshot

... tables and images can all be inserted in the mobile client

Quickoffice 6 screenshot

... editing the outline of a Powerpoint presentation

Quickoffice 6 screenshot

... browsing through a presentation

Watch this space for more official news and announcements from Quickoffice.

I'll be reviewing the S60 5th Edition version of Quickoffice 6.2 in due course.

Steve Litchfield, AAS, 30th July 2009