qooSaver gains a proper night mode

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And there was I thinking qooSaver effectively was a night mode, with its always-on night-vision-friendly pale red display! qooSaver is now updated to v1.4, with an emulation of a traditional nightstand clock, with large red or blue digits, optional alarm and profile display and several degrees of 'dimming', according to taste.

The changelog for v1.4 (over the previously reported v1.3) is merely listed as:

  • night mode, with dimmable, fullscreen red or blue clock

...but doubtless there are bug fixes implemented too, with tweaks to the weather support known.


(left) The start of a very long settings dialog; (right) the relevant new section configuring the 'Night' mode...

Here's the new night mode in action, shown in blue:

qooSaver in night clock mode

You can upgrade or buy qooSaver here in the Nokia Store.

Highly recommended. As a qooSaver user, you'll probably also want to grab the latest version of qooWeather, which plugs into it - plus you might want to buy qooMail as well. Yes, all commercial applications, but hardly breaking the bank and well, well worth it.

I do wonder what will happen to the 'qoo' applications after January 1st - they're still being actively developed, but how will they stay certified and updated? The developer is currently working hard on an update to qooRSS and I'm guessing he's on a race against time with all his apps, to get bugs quoshed before Nokia's deadline.