qooRSS update: qooSaver adds RSS headlines to your always-on screen saver

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Not content with bringing status info, email and weather to your always on AMOLED screen saver on Symbian, qooSaver has now added RSS headlines. Obviously it's only the first few words of the two top stories, but hey - the qooSaver success story on Symbian goes from strength to strength. Screens and photo proof below.

The big change here is the update to qooRSS, for 1.3.0:

  • share data to qooSaver
  • showing new posts
  • improved kinetic scrolling


qooRSS, set up for some of our All About feeds, plus its detailed settings dialog

Changes are also available for qooSaver, also now up to v1.3.0 (by sheer coincidence!), with the only change being that qooRSS headline data is now picked up:


Just about every aspect of qooSaver can be customised, should you not like the 'all in' layout shown in the photo below.

And here's the result in action on the Nokia 808's AMOLED screen - pretty amazing, eh? And light years ahead of any 'glance'-type display on any other platform (cf the Nokia latest Lumias and Samsung/Motorola's latest AMOLED devices):

qooSaver on the 808

Highly recommended.

You can buy qooSaver for £1 in the Nokia Store here, plus you'll need qooRSS (as shown above), and you'll probably also want to grab the latest version of qooWeather and qooMail. Yes, all commercial applications, but hardly breaking the bank at £1 each and well, well worth it.