qooSaver gets email integration, new options

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You'll remember how we all swooned when qooSaver popped up on Symbian a month ago? All that lovely information, including a weather forecast, on our always-on AMOLED screen savers? Well, it just got better, with many more options and now bundling in email notifications and headers as well. See below for the full changelog, links and screenshots/photos.

The headline feature here is the new email integration - actually pulled from qooMail (you'll need v1.3 of this, or later, released yesterday), which wraps the standard Symbian email access in a new UI. Here's the full changelog for qooSaver v1.2:

  • show shared data from qooMail
  • new layout and size options
  • optional random movement of text
  • new proximity modes
  • configurable powersafe mode
  • clock is synced

Here's the qooSaver 1.2 set-up:


On the left, part of the extensive qooSaver set-up dialog; on the right, qooMail peeking into my standard Symbian email inbox. Put the two together and what have you got?....

And here's the result in action on the E7's AMOLED screen - pretty amazing, eh? And light years ahead of any 'glance'-type display on any other platform (cf the Nokia latest Lumias and Samsung/Motorola's latest AMOLED devices):

Mail, weather and much more, always-on!

Highly recommended. You can buy qooSaver for £1 in the Nokia Store hereplus you'll probably also want to grab the latest version of qooWeather, which plugs into it - plus you'll need to buy qooMail as well. Yes, all commercial applications, but hardly breaking the bank and well, well worth it.

Source / Credit: Nokia Store