Valentine's Day Themes for S60 3rd Edition

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As it's Valentine's Day, All About Symbian presents a small selection of appropriate themes.

As Valentine's Day is today, the 14th of February, AAS has decided to showcase some themes to go with the day.

If you search for the word "love" on any theme web site you will be flooded with results (you don't say! - Ed). We didn't have the time or the space to cover them all, so we've tried to pick the most tasteful and practical of these themes. Most of the themes we tried didn't make it into the article as they didn't work properly for some reason, such as using the wrong colour font or having an expired certificate.

If you need help with installing S60 3rd Edition themes, take a look at this tutorial over on the Nokia Duck blog.

To go to the download page for a theme, just click on its title or screenshots.


Forever Lies

Forever Lies standby screenForever Lies menu screen


Be Mine

Be Mine standby screenBe Mine menu screen



Love4343 standby screenLove4343 menu screen



Love standby screenLove menu screen


Pink Luv

Pink Luv standby screenPink Luv menu screen



Valentine standby screenValentine menu screen

 Krisse, AllAboutSymbian, 14 Feb 2008