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sx1The Siemens SX1 is the first Symbian phone from Siemens and was the first non Nokia Series 60 phone announced. It features support for MIDP 2.0, a digital zoom on the camera, built in MP3 and FM Radio player, all of which were first for S60 devices when first announced.

This phone is projected to be available in Q4 2003

Key features:

  • Built in camera with digital zoom
  • Video player and recorder
  • 65k TFT colour screen
  • FM Radio
  • Mp3 Player
  • Natural Sound Loudspeaker (stereo)
  • Triband GSM and GPRS

Siemens Intro:
A unique keypad arrangement, outstanding design and the world’s most powerful suite of features and applications for its size set the SX1 apart from other handsets - perfect for the most demanding mobile phone consumers.

The SX1 has strips of keys built in to each side of the phone, instead of an ordinary keypad, to give it a sleek shape. This design innovation also shifts the large, 64K color high-resolution screen into the center of the device without compromising overall size as the SX1 only weighs 110 grams. Embedded discreetly underneath the screen are central navigation keys which help make the features of the SX1 even easier to navigate in the usual portrait mode or, if the application supports it, in landscape mode.

Powerful as it is beautiful, the SX1 hosts the ultimate entertainment and business package. Features packed into a slender 99cm volume frame include: built-in video player, camcorder, music player and FM radio; rich unlimited gaming supported by Series60 or Java (J2ME); full set of business applications directly comparable to a normal PDA, including local and wireless synch. By combining the latest entertainment and business technology, the SX1 is perfect for those who ‘work hard, play harder’.

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