A Symbian Christmas 2007: Part 2 - S60 3rd Edition Themes

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There are lots of themes for S60 3rd Edition phones, and there are lots of them which feature Christmas, but only a few are actually practical to use. All About Symbian serves up a selection of stylish and legible themes for your handset.

A Symbian Christmas 2007: Part 2 - S60 3rd Edition Themes

(We're concentraing on S60 3rd Edition themes for the very mundane reason that this writer no longer has an S60 2nd Edition handset. Those of you with 2nd Edition phones should check out symbianthemes.com.)

We're back, this time with a guide to Christmas-related themes which not only look nice and festive, but also manage to keep text clear and readable. We went through dozens of themes, but only nine made the grade.

The following themes should work on pretty much any S60 3rd Edition device, and most of them work in both horizontal and vertical mode. To save space though, we're just posting the vertical screenshots.

You can also see a video of these themes in action, and a video tutorial on how to install S60 3rd Edition themes over on the Nokia Duck blog. 

All these themes are free. If you're interested in a theme, click on its screenshot and you'll be taken to its download page. Themes come as .SIS files, which are installed just like S60 applications and games.


Red Christmas

Red Christmas standby screenRed Christmas menu screen


Waiting For Christmas

Waiting For Christmas standby screenWaiting For Christmas menu screen



Xmastree standby screenXmastree menu screen


Santa Clause (sic)

Santa Clause standby screenSanta Clause menu screen


White Christmas

White Christmas standby screenWhite Christmas menu screen


3D Xmas Tree

3D Xmas Tree standby screen3D Xmas Tree menu screen


Red Xmas Trees

Red Xmas Trees standby screenRed Xmas Trees menu screen


Christmas Time

Christmas Time standby screenChristmas Time menu screen


Xmas Tree

Xmas Tree standby screenXmas Tree menu screen


Red X-Mas

Red Xmas standby screenRed Xmas menu screen


Blue X-Mas

Blue Xmas standby screenBlue Xmas menu screen