The Nokia (/Ovi) Store has upped the download restriction to 10

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Nokia has finally relaxed its somewhat restrictive policy of only allowing you to download paid content up to five times (it was a draconian three times, originally) - the limit has apparently now been raised to ten times. Given that you also have to be fully signed in as well, many have argued that there shouldn't be any limit, but ten is a reasonable number and should appease even serial phone switchers like ourselves!

The download problem comes, of course, when you switch phones or hard reset your current one and then have to set it up again - items that you've already paid for should all come up as 'Download' and not 'Buy' - and with a limit of ten times per item it could be that everyone's now happy. Nokia happy that account-sharing wannabe pirates can't get too much for free and users happy that they won't ever have to pay twice for the same application (I've bought CoverUp! at least three times already....)

I had noticed that items weren't being flagged for 'Buy' anywhere near as often, but it's good to get this official confirmation. The official limit is stated here and thanks to Yash for the heads-up.