How To : Set up an Email Account Inside Nokia Messaging

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We have shown you how to get the Nokia Messaging client into your S60 smartphone and also how to manage IMAP folders inside Nokia Messaging. This time, we will look at the the email setup process. This guide applies for all Nokia Messaging users who are not using the E75 (at the moment) because this  (and soon, E55 and E52) has a different (newer) version of Nokia Messaging.

This tutorial is using Nokia Messaging for S60 5th Edition on the Nokia 5800. Everything is the same for S60 3rd Edition, FP1 and FP2, only the screenshots shown here are different. There's also another way, by logging in to to set up emails to be used in Nokia Messaging, but that's for another writeup :-)

It is recommended to have an unlimited (cellular) data connection. Otherwise the setup might not work properly, even after you are connected using WiFi. [anecdotal point from Steve - I fell foul of this, I suspect, trying to do it all over Wi-Fi, and Nokia Messaging wouldn't pick up email at all]

Assuming you followed our instructions to get Nokia Messaging officially and successfully installed it in your S60 smartphones, you can launch the setup from the application launcher. It is labelled as “Email Setup”. There are 2 similar icons. The other one is labelled “Email”. Dont touch that for now. Just select “Email Setup” and you must give it permission to connect for the first time. It will test the network to verify you have a working internet connection because it needs to connect to Nokia's server.

Nokia Messaging Setup 1  Nokia Messaging Setup 2

After a few seconds, once connected, you will be greeted with a welcome screen and disclaimer. Just select “Start” to begin your email setup.

(Note by Asri : In my opinion, it would be better for Nokia Messaging to offer users an opion to select an Access Point in the beginning of the setup process. Because in my case, it always defaulted to a WAP Access Point... System Seven has this option to select access point)

Nokia Messaging Setup 3  Nokia Messaging Setup 4

A new screen will appear which needs you to enter your email address. For popular webmail systems like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, etc, the setup is straightforward. Just enter your email address like "" and click “OK”. You actually only need to know your email address and password. For those who are using their own email addresses from their hosting providers, I will show the setup in a future writeup in this series.

Nokia Messaging Setup 5  Nokia Messaging Setup 7

After a few seconds, another screen will appear, you need to enter your email password to continue. If you are not comfortable submitting your email password to a foreign party, you can press “Back” to stop the setup process. If you want to continue, type the password in the box and press “Ok”. The information will be submitted to the appropriate email server for verification.

Nokia Messaging Setup 6  Nokia Messaging Setup 8

If you submitted the correct combination of email and password, you will not have any problem and will complete the setup in a matter of seconds. If there's an error in your password, the process will prompt you to correct it. (The screenshot below will only appear if you enter wrong email/password combination).

Nokia Messaging Setup 9

Once the email address and password have been verified, the next screen will tell you about the Nokia Messaging service and ask whether you want to use its push functions and to sign up for a Nokia Messaging trial. If you don't want to subscribe to it yet, just select “No, Thanks” and a new email folder will be created inside your default S60 Messaging system, just note that it is not using the 'Nokia Messaging' system, per se.

Nokia Messaging Setup 10  Nokia Messaging Setup 11

Wait a few seconds and Nokia Messaging will be ready to use. You can add other email account for a maximum of 10 email addresses inside Nokia Messaging.  I will talk about its features and functions in a future article in this series. For now, have a look at some screenshots of Nokia Messaging in action inside my Nokia 5800.

Nokia Messaging Setup 12  Nokia Messaging Setup 13  Nokia Messaging Setup 14

- Asri al-Baker, for All About Symbian, May 18th 2009