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Review: Nokia 6110 Navigator, w/Route 66 - Review

The 6110 Navigator combines an S60 3rd Edition FP1 smartphone, a built-in GPS satellite navigation system and maps for your country and region. It's Sat Nav straight from the box, but how does it measure up to the requirements of the real world? And what is the latest version of the Route 66 navigation software like?

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Review: AquaCalendar for UIQ 3

Guest writer Asri al-Baker: The built in UIQ 3 Calendar does a remarkable job for showing appointments, reminders and birthdays, and a separate to-do app called Tasks makes managing life easier. However, power users have always been a bit limited until AquaCalendar (AC) stepped in.

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Review: Spodtronic

Podcasts and Internet Radio in one application? Ewan checks his GPRS is off, and powers up his Wi-Fi to take Spodtronic for a spin.

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Review: SMS Diary

Asri takes a look at Ola Melen's SMS Diary application for UIQ 3 (although it's also available for UIQ 2 and all versions of S60).

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